The concept:   Why?  Because life is too short to drive a boring truck

Take a Ford F-250/F350* with brute Diesel Power and a strong straight axle up front.  It's a solid truck, but simply doesn't have the sport look people want, nor any off-road capability.  I decided to design and build a truck based on several key points, to give the owner the best truck possible, at a reasonable price. 

                    It was time for a completely revised design, never done by anyone else!

Key Points:  Taller tires (46") to lift the differentials out of mud, snow, rocks.  Add very little lift to keep the center of gravity low.  Wider track to keep stability when cornering.  Much larger fenders, front and rear, to cover the larger tires.  Move the front axle forward to clear the firewall.  Longer travel suspension for much better off-road capability.  Retain the ability to tow. Have the front end tilt open like a semi truck for easier access and service.  New body parts to be made of super strong fiberglass that doesn't rust or corrode and is easy to repair.  Offer rim and tire combinations that are 3x stronger than stock rims and tires.   Last, build the entire body to have a sexy sport look like the 2017 Ford Raptor™

                        Introducing the 2019 F-250 F-350:  MegaRexx on 46" tires.

MegaRexx MegaRaptor luxury super duty
MegaRaptor diesel custom superduty
MegaRexx MegaRaptor Superduty conversion
Widebody MegaRaptor Conversion
MegaRaptor Conversion by MegaRexx Trucks
alumiduty with tony_edited.jpg
The MegaRaptor™ Conversion of a Ford Superduty truck is all we do!
We have been building and selling Ford Superduty trucks for over 20 years.  Lifted Ford trucks are a specialty we mastered long ago, and were one of the first off road shops in the business. 
Each Superduty truck we build is custom.  We build custom Ford trucks... and that's all we build.  In the past 30 years we built all kinds of Jeeps, lifted Jeeps, 4 door Jeep TJs, Jeep pickups, but all we build now are F-250 and F-350 trucks.  We often have Ford Superduty trucks for sale and on occasion a pre-owned MegaRaptors.
But most people ship a F-250/F-350 to us for a conversion.  We will do a mild lift, with Icon Suspensions, or you can go all out, with long travel, coilovers, bypass shocks etc.  Then we add our off-road body work, to give you trophy truck look while retaining the ability to tow!  Ford Superduty trucks can tow 3x that of a standard Ford Raptor. 
We believe in the Ford 6.7L turbodiesel engine and recommend you buy a truck with that powerplant.
We convert 2011 to 2020 Ford Superduty trucks, our generation 1 (Gen1)  is 12 inches wider than stock.  We also convert 2017-2019's, our newest Gen2 model, which is 18 inches wider than stock.