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The Original MegaRexx® Concept & Design

The Original MegaRexx®Why'd we do it?!? The simple answer is... Because life is too short to drive a boring truck!

Take a Ford F250, F350, or F450 with brute diesel power and a strong, straight axle up front. Sure, it's a pretty solid truck — but simply doesn't have the sport  look that most people want, nor does it possess any real off-road capability. We decided to design and build a truck based on several key points, to give our customers the best truck possible, at a reasonable price.

It was time for a completely revised design,

never done by anyone else!

M E G A R E X X   D E S I G N   C R I T E R I A

  • Taller tires (46") to lift the differentials out of mud, snow, rocks.

  • Add very little lift to keep the center of gravity low.

  • Wider track to keep stability when cornering.

  • Much larger fenders – front & rear – to cover the larger tires.

  • Move the front axle forward to clear the firewall.

  • Longer travel suspension for much better off-road capability.

  • Retain the ability to tow heavy payloads.

  • Have the front end tilt open like a semi for easier access & service.

  • New super-strong fiberglass body parts that don't rust or corrode & are easy to repair.

  • Offer rim & tire combinations 3x stronger than stock rims & tires.

  • Build the entire body with sexy sport-look, like the 2017 Ford Raptor

Introducing the
2023 Original MegaRexx®

The Original MegaRexx® conversion of 2011-2022 Ford F250/F350/F450 Super Duty trucks is all we do! We've been building and selling Ford Super Duty trucks for over 20 years! Lifted Ford trucks are a specialty we mastered long ago and we were one of the first off-road shops in the business. 

Each and every Original MegaRexx® we build is custom... and that's all we build. During the past 30+ years, we've built all kinds of trucks from just about any marque you can name — lifted trucks, 4-door Jeep TJ's, and pickups, but all we build now is the Original MegaRexx®. We often have Ford Super Duty trucks for sale and, on rare occasions, a pre-owned Original 

Most people ship their Ford F250/F350/F450 to us for conversion. We install a mild 4.5" lift using tough Icon suspensions, or you can go all out, with long travel coilovers, bypass shocks, etc. Our proprietary off-road body panels give the Original MegaRexx® the "trophy truck"  look while retaining the ability to tow! Ford Super Duty trucks can tow 3X that of a standard Ford Raptor. We believe in the Ford 6.7L Turbo-Diesel engine and highly recommend you purchase your truck with that powerplant.

Our 1st Generation (G1) was a full 12" wider than stock — and our 2nd Generation (G2) Original MegaRexx
® model is a whopping 18" wider than stock!

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