Options you can add, with ball park costs... exact cost during quote

Included in our base truck package is matching the new body parts to the existing cab color. Cost, included in base conversion, unless you have door dings and want them corrected...

We offer full color changes, including two tones.  Cost range, $10-12k upcharge depending on color and if the inside doors and jams are changed as well.  Sometimes an all black truck only has the exterior color modified... up to the owner.

Some people have the lower section of their truck sprayed with LineX for rock protection, under hood, inside wheel wells too.  Cost, about $2k-$2500

A very popular option is to have the entire truck sprayed with LineX.  This also gives the truck superior sound insulation. Cost, add about $5k for full exterior, add $3k to do inside doors.

Custom door handles, these are brushed, that come on a Limited, can be added to any model superduty...  backing plate can be painted any color... Cost, $1600-2100

Each truck comes with diamond sanded rock rings.  We do offer them painted or sprayed with LineX for an additional charge.

We laser cut our rock rings from 1/4in aluminum, shown with our standard logo.  Included in the base conversion.

If your firm has a logo we can work with, and you can send us your artwork, we can design a custom rock ring to enhance your business.  These rings simulate a rifle barrel for a gun manufacturer.  Cost varies due to design time... $1500-2500 which includes the actual cutting of the rings as well.

Rock rings can be painted in many different colors...  Note truck above with painted cab, LineX rockers, rock rings black with stainless steel hex bolts.  Also has billet, black, body washers with stainless countersunk bolts in the centers.

This 2016 has both gloss paint and LineX, billet body washers, and matching rock rings...  we can build mild to wild!

We offer all kinds of suspension upgrades, shown are Fox shocks with reservoirs.  Also notice our longer, stronger radius arms, included on all MegaRaptors!  The Fox shocks are tuned for a Mega, and run about $2500

Amp Reaseach XL running boards, in case your truck did not come with electric steps... we prefer these XL version as they come down lower than stock Ford steps... so try to order your truck from Ford without their steps.  Cost $2,200-2,500 installed

4:88 gears highly recommended for quicker off the line and for towing heavy loads...  add these and a power tuner, can smoke the tires from a red light.  Cost to add about $4k

Our stadium bumper, standard on base trucks.

Optional "High and Tight" bumper with welded in plates.  Several options on this, like one light bar or multiples as shown.  Cost over base, about $1200-1500

Optional "High and Tight" bumper with removable plates  that can be painted.  Cost to add, about $2800 which includes lights and painted sections.

Our most aggressive bumper, called the "Smasher" note light bar, dimpled holes, painted plates, skid plate.  Cost to add about $2550 

Note the body washers on the front of the truck and holding the bumper plates on as well... this is how trophy trucks attach their body parts.

Air bag systems for heavy tow.  This is a low pressure system for only running the air bags.  Digital set and forget controller.
Cost to add about $2600

High pressure onboard air with tank, air chuck, coiled hose.  This is a separate system for high pressure air, 220 psi, used for air tools, airing up tires, running locomotive air horns,  Cost to add, installed, about $3,000

Locomotive train horns!  We offer great sounding buell horns for only $500 clear up to Nathan Air Chimes for $2800, horns alone!

Oversize Titan fuel (under the bed) tanks to extend your range.  Cost varies by truck, but $2800 to $3200 installed and computer retrained so "distance to empty" is corrected.

We recommend B&W rollover hitches that are hidden under the bed when not in use.  Hitch is about $650, installation, $1200

Gen-Y heavy hitch systems with stabilizers and steps.  Assorted hitches available.  $1200-1500

Bedslide to store tools etc in your bed, easy access by sliding out the tray.  Usually add a tonneau cover as well.  Cost 1200-2200

We offer several different programmers, depending on power requirements.  $500-2500

Here is the Anzo headlight, we run on all our builds, specially wired to run an amber running light  instead of the typical white light that most trucks have now.

Rear bed cage with spare tire and optional race lights in the box.
Cost of cage varies a bit, $3300 with spare carrier and jack carrier.
Race lights in the overhead box, all LED, wired to brake and turn signals.

Cost $1300-1500, as you can also have side lamps added in cage.
Fully assembled spare, with rock ring, center plate, balanced, $1500.

Coming soon, 8 piston caliper big brake kit.  More powerful than F550 brakes!!!  Currently testing!!!   Cost to upgrade 5 wheels, 4 calipers, 4 EBC pads, installed, Testing, no pricing yet.

Coming soon, glass panel, head units, depending on processor, $1600 to 2200 installed.

Optional cameras for front, rear, sides that give you a much better view than Ford's stock cameras.  About $1200 installed.

Another cool option, TPMS tire pressure sensors for trailers, spares, any tire you want to monitor, both pressure and temp.

About $700, monitor installed, then screw on the sensors to the tires you want to monitor. 

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