Pricing for a MegaRexx™ (Gen1 2011-2016) is $39k, with most options.  Pricing for a Gen2 (2017-2020) is about $45k, but includes more options as standard. 

We only offer full conversions.  For several reasons.  We want all of our trucks to be professionally built. That will uphold the resale value of your truck and assure you that you won't come across cheap versions that bring down the value of your truck.  Our fit and finish is of the highest quality.  Our paint is done in dust free paint booths.  Our fiberglass is hand laid, cured for a least two weeks prior to use, and is 100% made in the USA.  


A MegaRexx™ with the MegaRaptor™ conversion process is a turnkey, finished truck.  Includes new body, suspension, paint, LineX, wheels, tires, programmers to correct speedometer, and power upgrades.  The firewall is trimmed to allow more room for the 46in tires, and a steel plate is welded in to fill the area.  

The MegaRexx™ runs 46" Michelin XZL tires and military MRAP aluminum wheels, that have been CNC drilled with rock rings added to protect the rims.  They are balanced on a Hunter FM02 and ride smoothly at highway speeds.

A conversion includes full teardown, 4in lift front and rear using Icon suspension parts, Bilstein shocks, Icon adjustable track bar,  rebody of the rear bedsides, a CAD created steel halo to support the tilt front end, one piece tilt front end, nitrogen gas shocks to support the hood when open, your choice of several different head lights, your choice of amber or white grill lights, front grill, paint to color match your truck.

How to Order

1st:  Configure your truck...  Click here to open a .pdf file and print this out.  Fill it out, and send it to us!  This is the fun part of designing your truck...

Ordering a MegaRexx™ is pretty easy.  It starts with a phone call so we can go over what your dream truck will be.  We will cover options and any special requests.  I then create a quote in our cloud based software and email you the quote.  Once you are ready to order, simply click "Pay" on your quote, look for the "Amount to Remit" and send in a $1,000 deposit.  This locks in your place in line to have a conversion done.  Since we are usually a couple of months wait prior to taking in your truck, you need to secure your place in line, and your deposit does just that...  Once we are ready to begin your conversion, you can ship us your truck along with a 50% deposit, and in 2-3 months your truck will be finished.  Balance is due prior to the truck leaving our facility.

Note:  As the creators, designers and installers of the original MegaRexx, with the MegaRaptor™ Conversion, we are the ONLY authorized facility, period.  Due to the confusion of others using our name, we have renamed our firm to MegaRexx™ Trucks.  Beware of fake reproductions and others using our MegaRaptor™ name and/or products.  

If you are unsure where to start, what truck to buy for your base truck, or need more assistance, just call me....

I'll answer all your questions and help you build the perfect truck for your needs.   Jeremy  520-241-8888

* Ford , F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, Superduty, and Raptor are products of the Ford Motor Company.  GO BLUE!!!!

We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Company.  We convert diesel Ford Superduty trucks
into the MegaRexx™ truck on 46" Michelin tires, using MRAP military wheels.

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