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The Original MegaRexx® Conversion Process

The conversion process steps detailed below are standard on Original MegaRexx® trucks equipped with 46" Michelin XZL tires utilizing aluminum military MRAP wheels. These wheels are rated at twice the strength of normal truck wheels or any aftermarket wheel — each MRAP wheel is rated to carry over 10,000lbs!


Ready to see it all happen? Let's go!

Here are the steps we take
to convert your truck
and what is included:


Here you can see most of the initial tear-down being completed. The entire front clip has been removed, along with the bed. At this point, we send the bed to a different part of the shop where our team that handles the bed conversions gets to work!

The chassis will head to another area for the suspension upgrades, and the fiberglass, which has been produced several weeks in advance (so it has plenty of cure time) will be moved to the body area for fitting.​


Notice that we do not alter the inside of the bed. You will still have the full functionality of the original bed. In this picture, the bedsides have been installed and secured with stainless steel button-head bolts. Later in the build, the bed and upper bedsides will be sprayed with LineX. The large black openings you see are Ford's optional trailer tow package for 5th wheel-gooseneck hitches.


Here is that same bed with the bedsides installed and the tail light openings trimmed out, ready to accept the Raptor-style tail lights. The Original MegaRexx® conversion process includes the larger fiberglass panels and hood to accommodate the 46" tires. This allows us to run these large tires without a lot of lift, keeping the center of gravity low.


While the bed is undergoing its transformation, the cab and chassis are in another area, to have the suspension upgrades performed. All base conversions include a 4.5" Icon suspension lift, with MegaRexx® radius arms and Bilstein shocks. This is a great setup for most people that are using their trucks primarily for street and mild off-road use.

Suspension upgrades are available, such as long travel, shock upgrades, hydro bumpstops, limiting straps, brakes, and so on.


In the meantime, the crew is busy working on the fiberglass tilt front hood and front fenders. The headlight openings are trimmed so the headlights will fit snug, ready for us to fabricate the "halo" that holds the hood in place and allows the slick tilt mechanism to function.


Our exclusive tilt front end is all steel, laser-cut, and then welded for superior strength!


Now the truck is starting to take shape — the tilt front end is painted and mounted, the lights have been installed, and the grille is in place.


The Original MegaRexx® pictured below has some options
that are not included in the base conversion.

CLICK HERE to head on over to the options page
to see some of the upgrades we offer!

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